Renting flat.
The center includes 3 modern flats that can be rented seperately or together if you need more space. The tree flats are:
  • Filefjell : 2-8p, 3sr, 70m2
  • Grindaheim : 2-12p, 5sr, 2xbath, sauna, 150m2
  • Tyin : 2-12p, 5sr, 2xbath, sauna, 150m2 + common area

When renting the total cabin you could choose one or more of the flats above

Renting whole cabin
From Jotunheimen Hytteutleie you could rente the complete cabin. This gives you a total of 13 sleeping rooms, 3 kitchen, 3 linving rooms, 5 bath, 2 sauna, wardrobe department and including 4 southvest orientated terraces (total area 150m2).

When renting the complete cabin its very easy to adjust the areas to suit all your needs during the stay. This will give you an intimate and flexible stay at Jotunheimen Hytteutleie AS

Special area
To each of this departmens ( Filefjell , Tyin , Grindaheim ) you could choose among special area:
  • T1 Confernce room (90m2) incl. Ind.Kitchen (24m2)
  • T2 Spa department. with outdoor Jaccuzi (40m2)
  • T3 TV room .

By renting the complete cabin you could choose to rent some of the special areas above. Contact us for an offer.

I tillegg til arealet som følger med den enkelte leilighet ( Filefjell, Tyin og Grindaheim) er det for alle disse inkludert fellesareale (i 1 etg). Ved leie av storhytte Jotunheimen inngår dette arealet alltid.
Dette areal benyttes felles av alle Leiligheter og består av:
  • Garderobe/Tørkerom m/WC 15m2
  • Fellesterrasse, sydvendt, møblert m/grill 30m2.
  • Skibod med smørebenk mm.